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Our History

Appliance Alliance Installation has been a family-owned and-operated business since 1979, though the journey we’ve taken from then until now has been unorthodox to say the least.

Founded in Hollywood as Land-Mar, Inc. by father and son, Roland and Peter Doyon, the company has since its inception focused on exceptional installation services. Current owner Louis Martorella began his apprenticeship under Peter, cutting his teeth on the work and learning from the expert craftsmen around him. Over the years, the two became like family. So when Louis and his family moved to Orlando, they agreed on a plan to expand the business to central and northern Florida.

But before the expansion could take place, tragedy struck. Peter, a great man and dearest of friends, passed away, leaving the business to his son, Nick who, like Lou, had grown up installing appliances. Nick, wanting to leave the business to someone who could take the best care of his late father’s legacy, transferred Land-Mar from the Doyons to the Martorellas on a handshake.

In 2006, with Nick still an imperative member of our installation team, Land-Mar reemerged as Appliance Alliance. With operations expanding through the state of Florida, Louis, his wife and COO, Tara, and father-in-law and Operations Manager, Alf, remain true to the original values set forth by the Doyons. To this day, Appliance Alliance remains a family-owned and family-operated business.

We believe that family is more than a shared name. Family is a commitment of care to the people in our lives. And we bring the same level of care to all our customers.

Our Team

Our knowledgeable team lives and breathes the craftsmanship of appliance installation, handling every job with expertise and professionalism.

Louis Martorella

Tara Martorella
Chief Financial Officer

Alf Padròn
Operations Manager

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Warehouse Manager

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Appliance Alliance Installation is Florida’s leading high-end appliance delivery and installation company.

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